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Gender-Neutral Clothing for Babies

It happens to everyone. You go to your local baby store excited to pick something out for your little one and you’re instantly bombarded with the following: pink, glittery dresses for girls and blue t-shirts with bulldozers and dinosaurs for boys. While these can be sweet and appropriate at times, the typical stereotype of girls wearing pink and boys wearing blue can get old after a while. These gender distinctions are something we as parents come across nearly every day when it comes to our children.

But why does baby clothing have to be this way? Are there any alternatives to the standard clothes you see everywhere? The answer is yes! Ada Claire Baby is the answer to an overly saturated market of gendered clothing for babies. Keep reading on to find out more.

Has Baby Clothing Always Been Gendered?

You may be surprised to hear that the standard prints and colors assigned to baby clothing didn’t come about until the 1980s. Before this, baby clothing was generally created to be unisex. This happened for various reasons. Before the 1980s, parents weren’t able to find out the gender of their babies until after they were born. Many parents also recycled their baby's clothing, putting all of their little ones in clothes that had been worn by a sibling before.

Then came the shift - mass-produced baby clothing with particular colors and prints assigned to each gender. Stores were flooded with baby clothing made out of cheap materials that would fade or fall apart over time, making hand-me-downs look worn and tired instead of sustainable like they used to be. Parents were given limited options when it came to dressing their babies and were forced to dress them in socially constructed designs dictated by big brands. Gone were the days of dressing your little girl in her older brother’s precious baby clothes. Hello, expensive clothing that doesn’t last!

What’s the Answer to Gendered Clothing?

While putting your little girl in a pink, frilly dress can be fun from time to time, what happens if she loves monster trucks and dinosaurs instead? Maybe your son has no interest whatsoever in dinosaurs. Putting them in clothing with prints that they’re not into feels weird - so what’s the alternative?

Gender-neutral clothing!

Gender-neutral clothing is fantastic for little ones for a boatload of reasons. By dressing your children in gender-neutral clothing, you’re allowing them to express themselves freely and without limitation. It lets your children’s personalities shine and encourages them to become whoever they want to be - every parent’s dream! Gone are the days of limiting stereotypes - gender-neutral clothing can be worn by any baby!

What is Gender Neutral Clothing?

You may be confused by what gender-neutral clothing is, but the good news is that it’s pretty straightforward. Put simply, gender-neutral clothing is clothing that is designed and made without a particular gender in mind. A clothing brand that specializes in gender-neutral clothing such as Ada Claire Baby doesn’t have a strict ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ section. Instead, they have timeless classics that look adorable on any child.

While gender-neutral clothing has been criticized for being boring and limited, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Gender-neutral clothing embraces a wide variety of colors and styles - it’s just that the clothing can be worn by both girls and boys. Big unsustainable brands want you to keep spending money on clothing that doesn’t last or can’t be worn by siblings of a different gender. Sustainable, gender-neutral clothing brands like Ada Claire Baby challenge this idea. We create sustainable, comfortable and gender-neutral clothing for babies that last for years to come.

Does Gender Neutral Clothing Actually Matter?

When gender stereotypes are reinforced through children’s clothing, it sends a message to your little ones. Gender-neutral clothing allows children to express themselves however they want. If your little girl loves playing with dinosaurs, she won’t have to look down at her pink top with rainbows and butterflies and be confused why she’s wearing clothing that has nothing to do with who she is. Eliminating stereotypical clothing as a parent encourages your children to create their own path of freedom and expression.

While gender-neutral clothing is a great alternative to stereotypical baby clothes for reasons of self-expression, it’s also great for recycling. Let’s be real - baby clothing can be expensive. You want to invest in quality pieces that are safe for your little ones and last for years to come. But what if you have a little girl after already having a boy? This is a common frustration experienced by many parents. You get your little boy’s baby clothing out of storage and find that none of it works for your little girl. You then have to buy an entire new wardrobe for your baby when you have dozens of perfectly usable items that could have been worn if the clothing was gender neutral!

Lots of parents have to budget when starting a family. Maybe you need a bit of extra cash to last you for maternity leave or want to take your kids on that vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Gender-neutral clothing is a sustainable and affordable solution for parents with multiple children. Even better, getting a picture of your little ones wearing the same clothing throughout the years is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings. There’s nothing cuter!

Where Can I Buy Gender-Neutral Clothing?

If you’re looking for gender-neutral clothing that your little ones will look adorable in, look no further than Ada Claire Baby.

Ada Claire Baby not only specializes in timeless, gender-neutral clothing that all of your little ones will look adorable in, but we also specialize in clothing that’s free from harmful pesticides, insecticides, phthalates and lead. Our organic cotton, bamboo and CPSIA certified designs are lovingly made to last you for years to come.

If you’re shopping for gender-neutral baby clothing, why not check out our Lullaby Bodysuits or Knotted Baby Gowns? Not only will your little one look sweet as can be in these safe and comfortable numbers, but they also make great hand-me-downs too. Encourage self-expression and sustainability through gender neutral baby clothing today!

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