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9 Tips for Photographing Your Baby

It’s true what they say. The time spent with your baby goes by in a flash, so it’s no wonder so many parents want to document special moments with photographs. Photographs are a great way to remember precious moments with your little one and are wonderful to look back on. They make excellent gifts to extended family members and provide you with happy memories for years to come.

Think about those random Sunday afternoons when you get your photo albums out. You are instantly taken back to a different time as you flip through your album, with a smile on your face and coffee in hand. And if there are any sort of pictures you’ll want later in life, it’s pictures of your baby. While anyone can take a snap of their child, it pays to have some expert tips under your belt to make sure you’re getting the best pictures you can. Keep reading on for the top photography tips for getting the best pictures of your little one.

Choose a Good Time

The last thing you want to do when photographing your baby is choosing a time that isn’t right. This means avoiding taking snaps of your little one when they are due a feed, nap or change. Also, keep in mind what they’re going through. If your little one is going through a painful bout of teething, it may be best to hold off on the photographs for a few days. Instead, choose times when your baby is most likely to be their happy, sweet selves!

A good time to photograph your baby is after they’ve woken from a nap, been changed and had a feed. You don’t want them to have any reason to be upset, and making sure they’re well looked after before beginning a snapping session is a great way to make sure you get quality pictures you’ll love for years to come. Choose a time that’s earlier in the day as your baby may get fussier as the day goes on.

Take More Photos Than You Need

When it comes to photographing baby, you don’t know how long their happy mood will last before they get fed up and want to do something different. This is why it’s a good idea to take more pictures than you need to make sure you end up with at least one good photo. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect moment’ to snap your camera. Simply start snapping away - you’ll be sure to get 1 good photo for every 50 you take! You never know when they might pop a smile or let out a giggle too!

Create a Feeling of Intimacy

Taking pictures of your baby at eye level is a great way to produce intimate photos of your child. Close up photos allow you to really see your baby's facial features, wisps of hair (or lack thereof!) and personality. Photos shot at eye level are usually parents' favorites when it comes to looking back on them later in life.

Opt for Natural Light

There’s a reason photographers like to take their pictures during the day. There really is no light quite like natural light. When it comes to remembering your baby with pictures, you don’t want their precious faces to be changed with strange indoor lighting, so do your best to open the blinds and use outdoor lighting to create crisp, wonderful photos. You can even take on a more professional approach by bouncing your window lighting around with a reflector. Don’t panic - you don’t need any fancy equipment! A simple big piece of white paper or cardboard should do the trick.

Shh - Silence is Golden!

If you’re trying to photograph a newborn, do your best to keep the volume down. That means turning your phone or camera on silent in order to limit the number of distractions when it comes to photographing baby. It also helps contribute to a calm, peaceful environment. An absolute must for newborn babies!

Clothing and Accessories

You’ll be looking back at these pictures for many years to come, so why not put your baby in clothing and accessories that look great on camera? Ada Claire Baby has beautiful floral swaddles perfect for newborn photoshoots. This whimsical design looks adorable next to sweet babies and instantly adds a professional yet intimate touch when photographing your little one.

Prepare for the Shoot

If you’re photographing your baby or child, it’s important to define the types of pictures you’re going for. Are you taking a monthly photo of your baby where you document their growth progress or are you taking a photo of your little one tucking into their first plate of finger food? This will help you understand what sort of timing and equipment is needed to get the perfect shot.

Some of the most beautiful photos of little ones capture their spirits and personalities. These photos are typically taken when your baby is in movement, so don’t worry if your little one is having fun moving about while you’re trying to get the perfect photo. Use this to your advantage to get a candid photo of your baby in their natural environment. Just make sure you take dozens of pictures to make sure you get at least one that works!

Get Creative with Focus Points

When you think of portraits, you typically think of the focus being placed on a subject’s eyes. This is different in baby photography. Since babies are so small, you can get creative with focus points and instead focus on their hands, feet, legs, etc. This is a great way to create intimate and unique photos that are different from the everyday ones you see out there.

Enjoy the Process

Photographing your baby is meant to be fun, so make sure you treat it as such. If your baby starts fussing during the middle of your shoot, simply turn the camera off and give your little one some cuddles. You can always try another day! Enjoy the process and have fun with your baby - these will be treasured memories you’ll look back on later in life, so keep it light, fun, and happy.

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