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Are you looking for the perfect going home outfit or shower gift for the new baby! Our knotted gowns are made from a luxuriously soft, super stretchy eco-friendly, bamboo material. The knotted closure on the gown provides easy access at the bottom which makes frequent diaper changes super easy. Once done, simply tie in a knot for a secure fit and snug baby. The adjustable knot allows the gown to grow with your baby. The knot can be tied at just the right comfort and length as baby grows. What about the car seat buckle? No worries Mama, we thought of that too. Simply untie the knot to buckle baby in.

Our knotted baby gown provides a sense of calm to baby. The body of the gown hugs your baby’s body providing a snug and secure feeling, imitating the womb to help your newborn sleep peacefully because it’s familiar to them. 

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